Why Should We Use Natural Products?

Have you ever wondered how we managed before we had such a range of products to put on our bodies and use in our homes? Or how we existed before pre-packaged foods became so available?
Before man invented a barrage of synthetic products containing a vast array of dubious chemicals, we relied on nature to provide us with skin and hair care, clothing and cleaning products. It sounds old fashioned to say, ‘if it was good enough then, it’s good enough now’ but in this area of product use this maxim contains a lot of truth.
Natural plant based products, organically grown seeds and oils were made in to products rich in natural vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, for use on the skin and hair and also as cleaning products for the household. Nature has provided well for us and this natural and healing knowledge has been handed down through the generations.
In spite of all we have achieved throughout the centuries, never mind in just the last 100 years, (huge technological advances, trips into outer space, massive leaps in understanding in science and medicine and so many other areas), the body still works the same way it did millions of years ago. We still need to eat, sleep, protect ourselves, etc. to meet the needs of daily life.
Our skin still does the same job. It is a living organ made up of layers of tissue which cover and protect the body, but it also absorbs substances with which it comes into contact. We understand the use of prescription drugs which can be delivered through our skin via a patch. In the same way, the body-care and cleaning products that we use are also absorbed by our skin and are in the air we breathe.
If it ain’t broke, why fix it?
A big reason is because manufacturers and advertisers encourage us to buy their products. In answer to Man’s constant quest to ‘reinvent the wheel ‘ (and make a bit of money!), thousands of pounds/dollars have been invested in producing new, synthetic items containing a host of chemical and other artificial preservatives, fragrances and colours.
Unfortunately, these can also harm the skin and make it more susceptible to allergic reactions, skin irritations or infection. Many synthetic products contain paraben preservatives, petrochemicals and animal by-products which are too large to be absorbed by the skin, but which attract dirt and clog the pores and are harmful, especially for those with sensitive skins. This also applies to conventional cleaning products that are often major contributors to the toxicity of your home. We don’t even think of them as being toxic and manufacturers are not required to disclose ingredients. Products which use natural organic and vegetarian ingredients offer many benefits and are safer for your skin to absorb.
Natural or chemical? Which would you rather have in your body?
So what’s the answer? Give your body the nutrients it needs by eating fresh, organic and natural whole foods, vegetables and fruit wherever possible; whole grains instead of refined, white-flour products and avoid pre-packaged additive laden foods. Reduce the toxic load in your body by being more conscious about what you eat and drink, the products you use on your skin and in your home.
It is also important to read the ingredients labels when choosing these products. Some may say they are made from natural ingredients but the substances listed are actually synthetic chemicals derived from a natural product. As a rule of thumb, the fewer ingredients listed on the packaging, the better it is for you.
Following this lifestyle offers a healthier option and will make you less susceptible to the toxins you will inevitably encounter throughout your life. You will also be supporting our natural environment and making it a cleaner world for us all.
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