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Major Terms in Inside Sales and Their Meaning

Nowadays, marketing has been simplified by modern marketing methods. We shall focus on personal selling in this article. A personal seller is a person who meets the potential clients in order to inform them about products and services and persuade them to buy. Inside selling is the best way of personal selling. In inside selling, the personnel does not meet with the potential customers face to face but uses phone calls and online methods. Inside sales are also known as virtual sales or remote sales. The following are the main terms used in inside sales and their meaning.

In inside calling, you will be going to meet the term cold calling. The process of making a call to a potential customer who is new to you is known as cold calling. In cold calling, predictive dialers are used in order to identify the leads who are not busy or disconnected. A sales rep who is paid depending on the number of calls he/she has made is supposed to use cold calling.

Call center software is another term mainly used in inside sales. The call center software has a lot of uses. Its main functions are; dialing, call monitoring, recording, integration, interactive voice responding and managing chat, email, SMS and chat. Today, it is possible for a business to manage its call center by the use of one software.

The other term you will going to meet in inside sales is customer success rep. A customer success rep is a member of the inside sales team who facilitates customer retention. The customer success rep ensures that the customers are satisfied with the products and services which are offered.

Pipeline call is another term mainly used in inside sales. A group of calls made to a potential customer in order to ensure he/she becomes a lead are known as pipeline calls.

CTI is another term common in inside sales. Computer Telephony Integration is abbreviated as CTI. Computer Telephony Integration facilitates the telephones and computers to work together. The main uses of CTI are; phone controlling, call transferring, screen popping and automatic dialing.

Lead response time is another term used in inside sales. The lead response time is the time which is taken in following up with a client/lead who has contacted the organization via call, email or text message. The best organization have a lower lead response time.

Another term used in inside sales is sales engagement. The conversation between the customer and the sales rep is known as the sales engagement. Sales engagement is used in determining whether the sales rep is effective in his/her job.

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