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The Link Between Triglycerides and High Cholesterol

If you’re serious about controlling cholesterol, probably the last thing you need is more medical jargon. It’s hard enough watching what you eat and sticking to your exercise program without complicating matters.
But triglycerides are important; they’re a vital part of the mix that sets you up for good health. And if you realise what they do and how they impact your health, you’ll be in a better position to do what’s needed to promote a healthy lifestyle.
What Are Triglycerides?
When we digest food, our body converts it to energy in the form of calories. We use the energy to function and any surplus calories are stored in fat cells – as triglycerides – for release later by hormones when we might need the extra boost.
For most of us with weight problems, the equation is fairly straight forward. We store too many calories, and we don’t burn them off through exercise or general activity. So our triglyceride level is simply one way of determining whether we are storing too many calories. Put simply, a high tryglyceride level makes it likely you will be overweight, if you’re not already.
How Are Cholesterol and Triglycerides Linked?
Triglycerides store energy and …

Boost Your Gym Sales by Means of Strategic Health Club Promotions

Are you planning to manage a marketing campaign? What types of strategies will you use? If you are doing a task regarding business promotion, then you have to know all the important tips and hints about effective marketing in order to succeed in a fast way. Personal fitness trainers seek health club promotions that can persuade consumers to become their customers. There are lots of things to think about when you manage a business campaign.

However, if you research for essential modern techniques, then you will certainly find effortless ways in boosting your gym sales. Proper and systematic planning is the very first step that one must do in order to perfectly perform marketing campaigns for fitness trainers or health clubs. You may discuss it with a professional marketer in order to get some useful ideas and to be able to conduct an advertisement. Before you settle on a particular approach, make sure you are equipped with the resources, tools, budget and knowledge on how to do it. The effectiveness of your strategy used will be seen through its results but don’t immediately expect for it to come out.

Find a modern approach that can effectively get the attention of …

How Many Calories in an Avocado?

Was eating healthy part of your New Year’s resolution? If so, try adding some avocados to your diet plan. There are 227 calories in an avocado (medium size/136 grams), which is slightly higher than other fruits but in this case it is merely a number. The good thing with avocados having a bit more calories than other fruit is that your body digests them slower therefore you feel full longer. If you overlook the number of calories in an avocado you will see that the health benefits out-weigh the increased amount of calories.
Avocados are commonly mistaken for vegetables, but are in fact a fruit. There are many different types of avocados. The primary ones are West Indian, Guatemalan and Mexican.
West Indian – These large (up to five pounds) fruits are light green with smooth skin, large seeds and are lower in fat than other avocados.
Guatemalan – This large (up to five pounds) fruit type has a dark, thick, rough skin with small seeds and a medium fat content.
Mexican – This particular fruit is small, weighing one pound or less, dark green in color with smooth skin and large seeds with a high fat content.
Health Benefits …

Why Should We Use Natural Products?

Have you ever wondered how we managed before we had such a range of products to put on our bodies and use in our homes? Or how we existed before pre-packaged foods became so available?
Before man invented a barrage of synthetic products containing a vast array of dubious chemicals, we relied on nature to provide us with skin and hair care, clothing and cleaning products. It sounds old fashioned to say, ‘if it was good enough then, it’s good enough now’ but in this area of product use this maxim contains a lot of truth.
Natural plant based products, organically grown seeds and oils were made in to products rich in natural vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, for use on the skin and hair and also as cleaning products for the household. Nature has provided well for us and this natural and healing knowledge has been handed down through the generations.
In spite of all we have achieved throughout the centuries, never mind in just the last 100 years, (huge technological advances, trips into outer space, massive leaps in understanding in science and medicine and so many other areas), the body still works the same way it did millions of …