A Brief Look at the Career of One Prominent Leader in Tech and Healthcare

The healthcare and technology industries drive a great deal of the world’s economic growth. These two vital fields contribute untold amounts to the lives of modern people everywhere. Leading investors and entrepreneurs like Jim Plante have built impressive careers by succeeding repeatedly in both of these crucial arenas.

A Long Record of Making a Difference in Technology and Healthcare

Plante has covered a great deal of ground since starting as a professional investor and entrepreneur more than a quarter of a century ago. Trained as an electrical engineer, he has worked with or led many companies over the course of his career. Some of the most notable of these projects have included:

  • Beltronics. Radar systems of different designs make use of various radio frequencies to assess and explore the world around them. Beltronics was a top designer of radar equipment that used radio wavelengths of around a millimeter to enhance safety in a variety of settings and applications. Plante identified Beltronics as an attractive target as a young investor and was appointed the company’s president thereafter. By leading the development of a new type of product, he helped turn the firm’s fortunes around and put it back on the path to continuing growth.
  • E-Band Communications. Almost every local wireless network needs to be connected to larger ones with more bandwidth to be of any real use. From wireless voice signals that are transferred to networks based on conventional telephony to data networks that must be bridged to the public Internet, there must be reliable, cost-effective ways of doing so. One popular option at the present time is to use wireless point-to-point links in the gigahertz spectrum. Plante founded a company called E-Band Communications that was one of the first to enable this type of connectivity, an innovation that allowed it to quickly grow to global scale.
  • Pathway Genomics. While advanced treatments make a positive difference in the lives of many today, diagnostic tools can be even more helpful. Founded to develop and provide genome-informed tests, Plante’s Pathway Genomics has become of one of the established leaders in its field.

Proven Leadership in Two Especially Important Industries

By succeeding at the helm of companies like these, Plante has amassed a reputation as one of today’s leading thinkers about healthcare and technology. With many more interesting projects sure to come, he will undoubtedly impress again.

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